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Enriching your landscapes.

Growing native plants that make our communities cleaner, healthier and better for living.

The benefits of native plants are well documented. But finding a supplier to source healthy and consistent ones can be challenging. At Hortico, we’re working to change that.

Hortico is a wholesale nursery growing native plants that enrich your landscapes. We offer a complete line of indigenous, non-invasive plant material to those looking to design and install sustainable green spaces. Bound for businesses, municipal parks and conservation authorities, our plants beautify landscapes in and around the Carolinian zone while restoring local environments.

We believe that native trees and plants make our communities cleaner, healthier and better for living. And that nature belongs in urban, suburban and rural areas as much as anywhere. That’s why we grow — to fill the open spaces of our communities and all the gaps in between. Wanting to reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to the growth and restoration of healthy communities, Hortico makes it natural to go native.

Let’s enrich our landscapes together.

Three Generations of Growth

William (Bill) and Maria (Ria) Vanderkruk started Hortico in 1974, specializing in roses, which they sold to local growers. As production grew, Hortico expanded its markets selling roses throughout Canada, U.S., and Europe.

Today, Hortico is still a family-owned and operated company that grows plants for the retail and wholesale landscape trade market. The third generation of the Vanderkruk family works in the nursery, focusing on native plants.

Hortico continues to be a great source for bare-root and potted roses but has expanded its selection to include an extensive line of native plants for ecology restoration. Our native inventory consists of aquatics, perennials, flowering shrubs and large caliper trees. All of these are valuable sources for conservation authorities, municipalities, golf courses and general contractors.

We feel blessed as we look back over the many years we’ve enjoyed in business. The combination of hard work, trust in God and teamwork gives us courage as we continue to grow.